Parent Courses: Current Workshops

The following courses are available to individuals, schools and parent groups.

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A 90 minute presentation designed to assist parents with all the questions they need answered, including 

  • how much screen time is too much 

  • how to tame a ‘techno tantrum’

  • establishing healthy ‘digital’ habits 

  • why all screen time is not equal, and 

  • recognising problems and what to do when the wheels start to fall off

TESTIMONIAL: Every parent of primary age children should hear these messages, especially to develop some parameters around the use of technology in the home. It was research  based and informative. A thought provoking parent workshop. Jane Bovill Principal Riverside Primary (April 2019)


One in six children will experience anxiety to some degree. This 90 minute workshop will assist parents with

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  • understanding types of anxiety

  • how anxiety manifests itself

  • what not to do

  • 10 strategies that will help

  • when to seek support


This course of six hours looks at emotional regulation in children. It provides parents with a very sound framework to understand their child’s behaviour with a particular emphasis on their ability to self regulate and cope with things not going their way. A very important component of this course is the ‘emotion coaching’ role parents can play to help strengthen relationships and make children feel valued and understood. 

A tailored course can be offered to parents who would like additional strategies to use with their child.


The teen years are a tricky time for parents as they are unsure how much at at what stage it is appropriate to ‘let go’ a bit (or a lot). 

The program provides a list of things that tend to erode relationships, along with a template for how to hold an important discussion with your teen about something that is concerning you, or worse, putting them in danger. 

The course is suited to delivery to a group, or can be offered as an individual parent workshop when things are not going well at home.


You may wish to have concerns that you wish to discuss in a ‘one to one’ setting. Appointments are available to parents and young people. The fee of a one hour counselling or coaching session is $100.
(*This is not claimable from most health funds.)
Phone Gai on 0409 971 757 or Maxine 0409 976225 to make an appointment OR complete the booking form and we will be in contact.