Professional Development – Early Learning and Child Care Centres

ParentingPlus offers child care centres a 2 x 1 hour professional development opportunity. The sessions are designed to skill educators in the principles for helping young children manage strong emotions. These emotions are often exhibited when there are tugs over toys, separation from parents and carers, transitioning from one activity to another, learning to get along with peers and so on. 

Young children’s abilities to recognise, understand, label and manage their emotions are influenced by the ways the adults who care for them acknowledge and respond to their feelings. We know that when children learn to manage their emotions they are also better able to manage their behaviour and develop healthy relationships.

What will be covered?

  • educator qualities and approach
  • listening to and validating a child’s emotional experience
  • developing brain connections 
  • viewing emotions as an opportunity for connecting and teaching (including books and images) 
  • encouraging problem solving to manage emotions – 

Cost is $450