The Team

Maxine Lowry and Gai Bath have created ParentingPlus with the aim to build on the existing strengths of parents and carers.  This course provides parents with an insight into their children’s development with an emphasis on information and techniques that can be applied to help children develop self-control, and how best to respond to the more challenging behaviours. Parents will learn how to be more effective in their parenting role, and at the same time establish and maintain positive relationships with their children through an understanding of ’emotion coaching’.

Maxine Lowry

Gai Bath


Both Gai and Maxine are qualified teachers and counsellors, with considerable experience in the primary school setting. Since obtaining their Master of Counselling in 2008, they have used their knowledge of child development and families in the counselling setting, and more recently through delivery of parenting courses. They have now delivered the 1 2 3 Magic® and Emotion Coaching course to over one thousand parents in an agency setting and have responded to community demand by offering their course in many southern Tasmanian primary schools.