ParentingPlus is a Hobart based partnership that offers the 1 2 3 Magic® and Emotion Coaching and Engaging Adolescents courses. Both courses are of six hours duration, delivered over two or three sessions.

1 2 3 Magic® and Emotion Coaching is suited to parents and carers of children 2 – 12 years and helps adults to manage children’s behaviour in positive, calm and effective ways. Parents, grandparents, carers (and professionals working with families) can expect to learn easy to use techniques to help children develop self-control and respond flexibly to frustrations and upsets. 

Engaging Adolescents provides a structured framework for parents in how to deal with some of the big issues they face as their children navigate their teen years. It provides a model for addressing tricky situations and has a strong emphasis on how to maintain a positive relationship with your teen. 

As well as our scheduled public courses, we are happy to come to your school neighbourhood house or community group by arrangement. This is a cost effective way to learn some very useful parenting skills and enjoy working with other parents at the same time.

Our team also offers counselling for parents, carers and/or children from our rooms at Swan Street, North Hobart.

Evidence-based efficacy

Three recent research studies demonstrate the efficacy of the 1-2-3 Magic® & Emotion Coaching program in significantly decreasing children’s behaviour problems.

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